About the Prints

Each and every photograph that leaves my studio, headed for a gallery or a home, is meticulously prepared and overseen by me each step of the way.

From capturing the original photo, to retouching, printing and framing, I am involved each and every step of the way. If at any point I see even the slightest flaw, it goes back to square one. Nothing leaves that I wouldn’t hang in my own home.

The photos are all printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Paper – printed with archival inks. Each print is hand signed and numbered by me. Then the images are delivered to my framer who frames the most important art pieces in LA. His work is in museums and the finest galleries in LA. I am involved from choosing the wood, to the mounting to the finishes. I inspect and approve every piece before and after framing. The framing is the finest quality museum framing available at any price. Each frame is hand crafted using only the very best materials. The quality of the image is as important as the quality with which the photo is presented.

Everything is archival and designed to last a lifetime and beyond.

I personally stand behind every image I sign.

Image Editions – Print Sizes

Each image is available in three print sizes:
22″ * measured at the longest side

The editions are limited to:
72″ edition of 3
48″ edition of 15
22″ edition of 25