Roberto Cabral Photographer in Amboseli
Roberto Cabral – Photographer

Born in Providence Rhode Island to immigrant parents, his mom from Germany and his dad from Portugal, Roberto spent much of his childhood moving between Germany and the US before finally settling in New Jersey and then Florida where he first began photography as a hobby. He quickly learned the ins and outs working (for free) in the local darkroom of the St Petersburg Times.

In high school Roberto began photographing many of his girl friends, which eventually led to a career in beauty and glamour photography.

Later, his passion for animals led him to found the non-profit organization Bound Angels and dedicate a great portion of his time and effort to saving shelter dogs.

In 2017 Roberto Cabral embarked on his first journey to East Africa to honor his dad’s love of travel. It was on this trip that his focus for photography melded with his passion for animals, the environment and conservation. The images from this, and subsequent trips, which he entitled “A Fragile Strength” encapsulate the delicacy of our world and the creatures who we share it with.

Cabral’s images of Africa capture the raw power and the fragility of these creatures simultaneously in beautiful fine-art black and white photography.

In great strength there is vulnerability, and in vulnerability, great strength. This collection shows the raw power of the natural world, and its delicacy simultaneously. – Roberto Cabral