Fragile Strength Part 2

On May 14th, I spoke to the Sierra Club Camera Committee unveiling some of my upcoming images.  This is the sequel to Fragile Strength which was shown at the G2 Gallery last year.  Fragile Strength was one of the most popular exhibitions at the G2 Gallery selling many images to collectors throughout the US.

My good friend  by Ed Boks, former executive director of the G2 Gallery, introduced me and it was a pleasure to see so many people in the audiences who are fans of fine art photography.

The audience was treated to some of my life-changing stories of the 2018 trip through Uganda and Northern Kenya, a slide show and a sneak peak at some of the images which will be included in the upcoming show.  I’m currently working to bring the show to exhibition in the next year.  I’m very particular where I will show the exhibition and have been tirelessly looking for a gallery that understands my passion for Africa, the animals and conservation.


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