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Interview with NotIndoor Magazine

Last weekend I was asked to do an interview with NotIndoor Magazine.  Although I’ve done so many interviews about the Fragile Strength show, I really liked this interview and the interviewer a lot.  So…  I’d like to share it with you here.  I think Moshe’s questions were very poignant and really looked deeper into the images and the overall show.

Remember, Fragile Strength will be at The G2 Gallery until August 5th 2017.  There are currently no future shows set up, although I’m hoping to set some up.  If you haven’t yet visited The G2 Gallery, please get down there.  The images are receiving incredible reviews and comments from gallery patrons.  I’m happy to say that many of my favorite photographs have been sold and will be going (and some have already gone) into homes of old friends and new friends.

I hope you will enjoy the interview.  Here’s a direct link to the Fragile Strength Photos!

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